300 sunny days a year!
Just a few nautical miles to sail to great moorings …

An amazing navigation area  !

your sailboat yachtcharter company, next to Hyeres islands

Port Cros, Anse de la Palud
mooring, far away from everything

Port Man, Port Cros, Brégançon, Plage d’Argent, l’Ayguade, Anse du Langoustier, Cap Nègre, l’Anse du Langoustier, l’Estagnol, etc.
​No ! You’re not dreaming. All those fabulous moorings are less than 3 hours sailing.
Bonus: the Hyeres area is known for enjoying a mild climate both in the sun than the prevailing winds …

Sea, Sun, Islands…

Hyeres islands, several moorings, sun, wind, safe harbours… and an all time blue sea !